About the Author

A survivor of child molestation by my very own religious uncle, I have had my world turned upside down. Now my aim is to share my story and expose what beliefs lie behind closed doors in my extended family.

This blog also acts as my personal diary, where my entries shows how abuse in its many forms continues to effect viewpoints and experiences in my life; how my relationships have changed, and the number of people in my life have decreased. How despite each fall, I attempt to rise in the hope that maybe one day i’ll be able to help someone else rise; maybe one day I can save the voiceless, the hopeless and in that effort, maybe i’ll save myself.

I have attempted to keep this blog anonymous as the case of child molestation has been taken to the police by myself, but unfortunately due to lack of evidence (and false evidence provided by the extended family) the case has now been closed. Nevertheless, if I ever choose to take it up again (as I believe my case was not handled properly and much evidence was disregarded or not even looked at), names here may not help.

I am currently in my final year of university, struggling to deal with a fresh break up and the regular nightmares – both while asleep and awake.


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