Back where I was

My back aches remembering the love I gave you;
almost as if it was my blood donated blindly.
Now I am left anemic, and you rejuvenalised;
with the spring in your life, my winter frustrates you.

You say I am no longer who you thought I was;
to that I wonder, who did you think I was?
One who would be independent and lead their own life;
not be attached or reliant on anyone else?

When you sucked on my blood, did that not matter?
You took all I had, then claim I have nothing.
You built me up only to one day watch me fall;
you did all this with the innocent face of adulthood.

You’ve left me where I was before you came;
bewildered by the idea of love for me.
Perhaps now I can regain all that you took, my loss;
though forever I will believe there is no one for me.

– truly, back where I was.

You are more than welcome to share or republish this material, but please give credit to “”.

© Copyright of ConfessionsOfABengali


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